Antelope Valley Model Railroad Club


ANTELOPE VALLEY MODEL RAILROAD CLUB                         15 September 2000
Lancaster, California

Minutes of the September 2000 regular business meeting.


Meeting was called to order by Mr. Crawford at 2000 hours on the deck next to
the Club car on the AV Fairgrounds.


Members present: J. Beasley, T. Crawford, D. Frozina, M. Lacey, J. Madriaga,
H. Morris, N. Schultz, D. Tate, H. Veihdeffer, J. Wetzel, and R. Wetzel.

Guest present: Robert Ybarra.


Mr. Veihdeffer moved and Mr. Schultz seconded that the reading of the minutes
from the last regular meeting be waived and that they be approved as
corrected.  (Mr. Tate did attend the last meeting, but was left off the
roll.)  The motion passed unanimously.


Mr. Frozina reported that we received an e-mail from Mark asking if we had
any of the Car's seats left.  Mr. Frozina replied that we did not.


President: Mr. Crawford reported that the Fair was over!  Mr. Crawford stated
that we needed more members.

Vice President: Mr. Veihdeffer thanked the members for helping out during the
Fair, but also reminded us that we need to be at the Car at least 10 minutes
before our shift starts to assist with setup, etc.

Secretary: Mr. Frozina reported that the "tree root" letter to Mr. Jacobs
was acted upon, i.e., the tree root is gone; that the Fair shift sign-ups
went well, and that we had good coverage.

Treasurer: Mr. R. Wetzel reported that we had 5,694 persons go through the
Car this Fair; and that we are solvent.

Publicist: Mr. Morris had no report.

Superintendent: Mr. Beasley had no report.


Control/Electrical: Mr. Crawford reported that there is now power to the
Paper Mill Branch, and a 3" section on the front of Mesa Yard.  No power
yet to the Helper Pocket.

Fair Liaison/Relocation: Mr. Schultz reported that he will attend the next
Fair Board meeting and tell them that we are looking into alternative
locations for the Club car when the Fair moves.

Grounds: Mr. Veihdeffer had no report.

Housekeeping: Mr. Lacey had no report.

Inventory: Mr. Frozina had no report.

Rolling Stock: Mr. Veihdeffer reported the we had only a few problems during
the Fair, and that most cars ran OK.

Scenery/Structures: Mr. Veihdeffer reported that we can again start new

Track: Mr. R. Wetzel reported the during the Fair, some "guest" tore-up
the lower reversing section on the helix by lifting the Plexiglas panel,
then grabbing and pulling on the track.  The turnout was also damaged.
Mr. Morris said he would bring in another turnout.




Brochure Holders: Mr. Schultz obtained the large holders and placed one at
Palmdale Hobbies and the other at Smith Bros. Hobbies.

Decoder Chip: Mr. Beasley reported that we received the DCC upgrade chip
which will bring our system to the Powerhouse Pro level.  Mr. Beasley will
install the chip after the meeting.

Tool Cart: Mr. Veihdeffer reported WIP.

Stereo Receiver: Mr. Veihdeffer reported WIP.

Tortoise Motors: Mr. Crawford stated that we can now install the motors,
since the Fair is over.

Insurance: Mr. Schultz reported the we now have our NMRA-sponsored
insurance.  Total cost was $708, including $68 for sustaining membership in
the NMRA.

Radios: Mr. Veihdeffer reported, that we now have 6 two-way, 5 channel radios
from Radio Shack (after melting his credit card).


RF Pulsing: Mr. Veihdeffer commented that when using the two-way radios, a
pulsing sound can be heard.  The pulsing sound goes away when the DCC system
is powered off.  Mr. Beasley is to contact NorthCoast Engineering to see if
there is a way to mitigate this problem.

Intelligent Circuit Breakers: Mr. Veihdeffer moved, and Mr. Lacey seconded
that we purchase 4 self-reseting circuit breakers for $21/each from Tony's
Train Exchange for use in the yards and branch lines.  The motion passed

Plexiglas: The piece of Plexiglas for the helix needs to be non-removable and
the we need new "Do Not Touch" stickers for all the other pieces of

Signals: Mr. Madriaga suggested that we should have signaling on the layout.


Operating Session: Mr. Veihdeffer mentioned that the run session on Friday,
29 September 2000, will be an operating session, not just running trains
around in circles.

AV N'Scalers: Mr. Veihdeffer mentioned that the AV N'Scalers are working on a
deal to get land for a clubhouse in Rosamond.

Mr. Tate welcomed back Mr. J. Wetzel from boot camp.  Upon asking Jeremy what
was the worst and best thing about boot camp, he replied, "The DI sucked, and
the M16s were a thrill."

Mr. Veihdeffer indicated that the Chamber of Commerce Flea Market will be on
Sunday, 01 October 2000, from 7 am to 4 pm.  He suggested that we be open.
Mr. Crawford polled the members and a sufficient number were available to


The next regular business meeting will be on Friday, 6 October 2000 at 2000
hours in the Club car.


There being no further business or discussion, Mr. Veihdeffer moved and
Mr. Beasley seconded that we adjourn the meeting.  The motion passed
unanimously.  The meeting adjourned at 2055 hours.

Submitted by

Donald J. Frozina

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