Antelope Valley Model Railroad Club


ANTELOPE VALLEY MODEL RAILROAD CLUB                         13 July 2001
Lancaster, California

Minutes of the July 2001 regular business meeting.


Meeting was called to order by Mr. Crawford at 1956 hours in the Club
car on the AV Fairgrounds.


Members present: J. Beasley, T. Crawford, D. Frozina, M. Lacey,
J. Madriaga, H. Morris, D. Tate and H. Veihdeffer


Mr. Beasley moved and Mr. Lacey seconded that the reading of the
minutes from the last regular meeting be waived and that they be
approved as corrected.  The motion passed unanimously.


Mr. Frozina reported that we received two e-mails: one from Steve
Adcock, the British gentleman whom we met at The Loop; and one from the
web master of another club, who asked about our games on our web site.


President: Mr. Crawford reported that the Fair proposal presentation
did not happen, as we were too late to be on the Fair Board's agenda.
We'll try again at their 26 July 2001 board meeting.

Vice President: Mr. Veihdeffer had no report.

Secretary: Mr. Frozina had no report.

Treasurer: Mr. R. Wetzel was absent.

Publicist: Mr. Beasley reported that our Open House/Fair notice was in
the August 2001 issue of Model Railroader.

Superintendent: Mr. Schultz was absent.


Electrical: Mr. Tate had no report.

Fair Liaison: Mr. Schultz was absent.

Grounds: Mr. Veihdeffer had no report.

Housekeeping: Mr. Lacey stated the we need to clean up the car.

Inventory: Mr. Frozina had no report.

Operating: Mr. Veihdeffer had no report.

Rolling Stock: Mr. Lacey reported that he tech'ed some of the club cars.

Scenery/Structures: Mr. Veihdeffer reported that the Mesa Division
mountain has been built, and that Mr. Schultz obtained some RTP trees;
Mr. Tate reported that the installation and renovation of the diesel
engine shed on the Mesa Division is progressing; Mr. Madriaga reported
that he did some ballasting on the Mesa Division.

Track: Mr. R. Wetzel was absent.


Bylaws Amendments: Mr. Veihdeffer moved and Mr. Lacey seconded that the
proposed Bylaws amendments be approved as posted.  The motion passed


Intelligent Circuit Breakers: Mr. Veihdeffer reported that he is still
awaiting delivery.

Signal Project: Mr. Frozina reported that he has yet to find suitable
relays for a suitable cost.

Private Cars: Mr. Schultz was absent.

2001 Fair: Mr. Veihdeffer reported that the Wednesday work sessions are
in progress.  Come on down and join in on the fun!


Fair Sign-Up Sheet: Mr. Frozina announced that the Fair sign-up sheet
has been posted on the bulletin board.  Each member is to sign-up for
six shifts, two of which must be on weekdays.

Air Conditioner: Mr. Crawford reported on the status of our air
conditioner.  The blower motor is blown.  We can get a replacement for
about $90.00.  The compressor motor and fan are also not working -- the
problem might be the starting capacitors.  If we need to replace the
compressor, the cost would be about $1,700.00 in materials alone.  Mr.
Crawford was given the go-ahead to replace the blown blower motor and
the compressor capacitors.  If the compressor still does not work, a
replacement unit will be procured and installed.


Bitter Creek & Western RR Trip: Mr. Veihdeffer said he'd check again
on the October dates with Mr. Way.


The next regular business meeting will be on Friday, 03 August 2001 at
2000 hours in the Club car.


There being no further business or discussion, Mr. Beasley moved and
Mr. Veihdeffer seconded that we adjourn the meeting.  The motion passed
unanimously.  The meeting adjourned at 2033 hours.

Submitted by

Donald J. Frozina

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