Antelope Valley Model Railroad Club


ANTELOPE VALLEY MODEL RAILROAD CLUB                       03 August 2001
Lancaster, California

Minutes of the August 2001 regular business meeting.


Meeting was called to order by Mr. Crawford at 1952 hours in the Club
car on the AV Fairgrounds.


Members present: J. Beasley, T. Crawford, D. Frozina, M. Lacey,
J. Madriaga, N. Schultz, D. Tate, H. Veihdeffer and R. Ybarra.

Guests present: Danny Lawson, Geri Williams and John Veihdeffer.


Mr. Veihdeffer moved and Mr. Lacey seconded that the reading of the
minutes from the last regular meeting be waived and that they be
approved as corrected. The motion passed unanimously.


Mr. Frozina reported that we received three e-mails: one about cars; one
about an MRR directory; and one article. We also received our insurance


President: Mr. Crawford lamented that the Car was in a shambles and
needed to be cleaned-up; and that more tech'ing of rolling stock needed
to be done.

Vice President: Mr. Veihdeffer concurred with the President's report.

Secretary: Mr. Frozina reported that the current roster has been
distributed; the amended Bylaws have been distributed; and that the web
site has been updated.

Treasurer: Mr. R. Wetzel was absent.

Publicist: Mr. Beasley reported that our Open House/Fair notice was not
in the current issue of Railroader Model Craftsman.

Superintendent: Mr. Schultz had no report.


Electrical: Mr. Tate had no report.

Fair Liaison: Mr. Schultz reported that the presentation went well. The
press was in attendance: The AV Journal and the Antelope Valley Press.
The Fair Board liked our presentation and materials, and were interested
in the "gift shop" and 1 1/2" revenue aspects. It will be several
months before a decision might be made.

Grounds: Mr. Crawford and Mr. Veihdeffer reported that new braces and
pillars have been installed on the stairs and that the stairs have been

Housekeeping: Mr. Lacey reported that he vacuumed and did some general

Inventory: Mr. Veihdeffer reported that he found a program on e-Bay
specifically for inventorying MRR equipment -- for only $16.00.

Operating: Mr. Veihdeffer stated that we will not have any operating
sessions until after the Fair.

Rolling Stock: Mr. Lacey reported that he tech'ed some cars.

Scenery/Structures: Mr. Veihdeffer reported that the RTP trees were
planted; that Lake Cheeky has again been filled; that the paper mill
trackage has been painted and ballasted.

Track: Mr. R. Wetzel was absent.




Intelligent Circuit Breakers: Mr. Veihdeffer reported that he is still
waiting for delivery.

Signal Project: Mr. Frozina reported that he has yet to find suitable
relays for a suitable cost and if we intend to add signals we will need
to go to someplace (like Mouser) to get (expensive) relays.

Private Cars: Mr. Schultz reported that work was in progress.

Fair Sign-Up Sheet: Mr. Frozina reminded everyone that the Fair sign-up
sheet has been posted on the bulletin board. Each member is to sign-up
for six shifts, two of which must be on weekdays.

Air Conditioner: Mr. Crawford reported that he fixed the air
conditioner. The blown blower motor was replaced for $87.00, and two
new compressor staring capacitors were installed for $40.00. Thank
you Tom!


Proposal Printing: Mr. Frozina moved and Mr. Veihdeffer seconded to
appropriate $30.00 for our Club's share in printing the AVARM Proposal,
and that said appropriation be delivered to Mr. Schultz (as he ponied-up
for the printing costs). The motion passed unanimously.

Carson & Colorado Museum: Mr. Veihdeffer moved and Mr. Lacey seconded
that the Club join this worthy mining museum in Independence California,
and that $20.00 be appropriated for membership dues. The motion passed




The next regular business meeting will be on Friday, 05 October 2001 at
2000 hours in the Club car.


There being no further business or discussion, Mr. Beasley moved and
Mr. Ybarra seconded that we adjourn the meeting. The motion passed
unanimously. The meeting adjourned at 2033 hours.

Submitted by

Donald J. Frozina

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