Antelope Valley Model Railroad Club


ANTELOPE VALLEY MODEL RAILROAD CLUB                       18 April 2003
Lancaster, California

Minutes of the April 2003 regular business meeting.


Meeting was called to order by Mr. Crawford at 2008 hours in the Club
car on the AV Fairgrounds.


Members present: J. Beasley, R. Boone, J. Cenkner, J.E. Cenkner,
T. Crawford, D. Frozina, B. Haynes, M. Lacey, J. Madriaga, H. Morris,
and D. Tate.

Guest present: Tammy Glasgow.


Mr. Tate moved and Mr. Morris seconded that the reading of the minutes
from the last regular meeting be waived and that the minutes be
approved as written. The motion passed.


Mr. Frozina reported that we received the following correspondence.
AV Fair, utility bill; Cal Bank and Trust, statement; NMRA, 2nd renewal
notice; NMRA, Bulletin; PCR NMRA, Branch Line; Pomona Valley MRC, swap


President: Mr. Crawford had no report.

Vice President: Mr. Beasley reported Mr. Frederickson was correct in
respect to you can't build a garage for $10,000--as former member Paul
Catapano has discovered with his "Garage Mahal".

Secretary: Mr. Frozina reported that the web site has been updated.

Treasurer: Mr. Schultz was absent.

Publicist: Mr. Beasley reported that we were mentioned in the Showcase
section of the AV Press.

Superintendent: Mr. Veihdeffer was absent.


Electrical: Mr. Tate had no report. Mr. Beasley reported that Cab 5 has
been repaired free of charge--bad solder joint. Mr. Beasley mentioned
that if you find a cab that is acting up, let him know. Mr. Beasley
also mentioned that you cannot create a consist on a non-display cab.

Fair Liaison: Mr. Schultz was absent.

Grounds: Mr. Veihdeffer was absent.

Housekeeping: Mr. Lacey had no report.

Operations: Mr. Veihdeffer was absent.

Rolling Stock: Mr. Madriaga reported that he fixed several bad ordered
cars and is looking for 34' cement hoppers.

Scenery/Structures: Mr. Tate had no report.

Track: Mr. Tate had no report. Mr. Frozina reported that the double
crossover on the Mesa Division, behind Barstow Yard, has a problem--the
far right-hand Tortoise is not functioning.


Mr. Frozina reported that he sent a letter to Daniel Filion who has not
responded. Mr. Filion is no longer a member.

Mr. Frozina reported that Mr. Haynes has satisfactorily completed his
probation. Mr. Haynes was asked to leave the car. Discussion
followed. Mr. Haynes was recalled to the car. Mr. Haynes was told that
he was approved for Regular membership. Congratulations Bud!


Greatest Hobby Layout: Mr. Frozina distributed the track plan for this
layout as printed in Model Railroader. It was decided to purchase
nickel-silver track, and not use the steel track. The cost of the
structures were discussed.  (Mr. Schultz still needs to check with
Mr. Seefus on any conditions for the raffle.)

Car Relocation: Mr. Crawford had no report. Mr. Morris mentioned that
Mr. Jack Seefus wants to meet with representatives of the HO and N
scale clubs to discuss trailers and funding.

Videos: Mr. Morris had yet to catalog these.


Metrolink Decoder: Mr. Schultz to provide a decoder from our stock
for the new Metrolink train.

20th Anniversary: We will have a dinner sometime this Fall.
Mr. Frozina moved and Mr. Lacey seconded that all members in good
standing, and founding members, will receive their dinner paid for
by the Club. The motion passed unanimously. Location TBD.


Parker Kits: Mr. Boone announced that Jack Parker is offering switch
kits with ties in frog ranges 4 through 9.

LALS Spring Meet: Mr. Frozina announced that the Los Angeles Live
Steamers will be holding their Spring Meet May 24-26, 2003. All are


The next regular business meeting will be on Friday, 2 May 2003 at 2000
hours in the Club car.


Mr. Beasley moved and Mr. Lacey seconded to adjourn the meeting. The
motion passed unanimously. The meeting adjourned at 2046 hours.

Submitted by

Donald J. Frozina

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