Antelope Valley Model Railroad Club


ANTELOPE VALLEY MODEL RAILROAD CLUB                                 1 May 1998
Lancaster, California

Minutes of the May 1998 regular business meeting.


Members present: J. Beasley, T. Browning, T. Crawford, D. Frozina, E.  Jones,
H. Morris, H. Veihdeffer, J. Wetzel and R. Wetzel.

Guests present: Mark Browning.


Meeting was called to order by Mr. Beasley at 2017 hours in the Club car on
the AV Fairgrounds.


Mr. Veihdeffer moved and Mr. Jones seconded that the reading of the minutes
from the last regular meeting be waived and that they be approved as written.
The motion passed unanimously.


Mr. Frozina reported that six letters were received since the last regular
meeting.  One from the AV Bank (statement), one from the AV Fair (utility
bill), one from Driver and Associates (another binder) and three from Mouser
Electronics (bills).


Secretary: Mr. Frozina reported that the roster was updated and available.
Mr. Frozina also distributed the corrected Rolling Stock Standards.
Mr. Frozina also reported on the hits on the AVMRC web site for the last
month; the home page had 131 hits, with the most popular page being that of
the pictures, with 75 hits.

Treasurer: Mr. Crawford indicated that we have money.

Publicist: Mr. Beasley indicated that Mr. Beckmann sent off the Open
House/Fair announcements to Model Railroader, Model Railroad Craftsman and
Model Railroading.  Mr. Veihdeffer reported that the he sent to the Fair a
letter listing the current officer contacts.


Control: Mr. Beasley reported that 30' of black coiled cab cord has been

Wiring: Mr. Crawford reported that all Tortoises were wired.  Mr. Crawford
also reported that all buss wiring was completed, and that cab buss wiring
was in progress and going well.

Construction: Mr. Beasley reported for Mr. Jameson that new and longer
Plexiglas supports were in place.

Rolling Stock: Mr. Jones reported some members still have their rolling stock
on the layout.  Any members' rolling stock remaining in the next few weeks
will automatically become Club property -- and get the cursed pink dot.
Mr. Jones also reported that the work he is doing at home on Club rolling
stock is progressing.  Mr. Jones also asked that any members who get Accurail
dummy couplers donate them to the Club for the Tank Train, since it is a unit
train and automatic couplers are not needed nor wanted.  Mr. Jones also
mentioned that next week he should have the J-Bee 33" and 36" wheel sets in,
at a cost of $0.55 and $0.60 per axle respectively.

Scenery/Structures: Mr. Veihdeffer reported that the mountain on the lower
level is progressing and should be done in a couple of days.

Housekeeping: Mr. Crawford reported that he replaced a couple of the halogen
lamps on the south side of the car.  People also need to put their soda cans
in the appropriate place when they are empty.

Track: Mr. R. Wetzel reported that most all of the track has been weathered
and the rail tops are cleaned off.




Shirts: Item tabled.

Heater: Mr. Crawford reported that the burners and control valve have been
reinstalled and plumbed -- we are awaiting a regulator.  It was determined
that we would purchase a larger RV propane tank later for the system.

Metal Wheels: Item tabled.

Insurance: Mr. Crawford reported that our agent was still looking for a new

Being Open: It was decided to wait until the October swap meet to revisit
this idea.

Timesaver Module: Mr. Veihdeffer reported that he can only find #4 switches.
Mr. Browning mentioned that he has an updated plan that uses Atlas #4
switches and will bring in a copy.


Backdrop:  The idea of using Instant Horizons' 24" x 36" panels for a
continuous backdrop for the lower level was brought up.  Cost would be about
$150.00.  Masonite backing would add another $50.00.  Mr. Crawford moved and
Mr. Beasley seconded to appropriate $200.00 for a backdrop for the lower
level.  The motion passed unanimously.

Ground Throws: Mr. Crawford brought up the need to purchase Caboose
Industries' ground throws for all the manual switches.  It was estimated that
we'd need approx. 50 of them at $1.68 each.  Mr. Frozina moved and
Mr. Crawford seconded that we appropriate $84.00 to purchase 50, #218 Caboose
Industries ground throws.  The motion passed on a vote of 7 "yea" and one

Double Crossover: Still needs to be put in on the upper level.  Mr. R. Wetzel
to do it.

House Cleaning: On 9 May at 0900 hours all members are encouraged to
participate in our annual spring house cleaning.




The next regular business meeting will be on Friday, 5 June 1998, at 2000
hours in the Club car.


There being no further business or discussion, Mr. Frozina moved and
Mr. R. Wetzel seconded that we adjourn the meeting.  The motion passed
unanimously.  The meeting adjourned at 2112 hours.

Submitted by

Donald J. Frozina

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