Antelope Valley Model Railroad Club


ANTELOPE VALLEY MODEL RAILROAD CLUB                        4 December 1998
Lancaster, California

Minutes of the December 1998 regular business meeting.


Members present: J. Beasley, R. Boone, T. Crawford, D. Frozina, D.  Jameson,
N. Schultz, H. Veihdeffer, J. Wetzel and R. Wetzel.

Guest present: Mike Lacey.


Meeting was called to order by Mr. Beasley at 2005 hours in the Club car on
the AV Fairgrounds.


Mr. Veihdeffer moved and Mr. Crawford seconded that the reading of the
minutes from the last regular meeting be waived and that they be approved as
written.  The motion passed unanimously.


Mr. Frozina reported that six letters were received since the last regular
meeting.  Two from the AV Bank (statements); two from the AV Fair (utility
bills); two from the USPS (box rental renewal and box rental receipt).


Treasurer: Mr. Crawford reported that we were solvent.


Construction: No report.

Control: Mr. Beasley reported that he found schematics for a device similar
to the the Digitrax tester, and will purchase the LED and resistors needed to
construct said tester.

Mr. Veihdeffer wondered about the problem he's noticed about one address
controlling multiple trains.

Housekeeping: No report.

Rolling Stock: No report

Scenery/Structures: No report.

Track: Mr. R. Wetzel reported that the templates for the reverse loops are
completed.  Now the plywood needs to be cut and installed.

Mr. Veihdeffer mentioned how unhappy he is with the quality of the Atlas
switches we've purchased and suggested that for the reverse loops we purchase
a different brand.

Wiring: No report.


Election to Membership: Mr. Schultz has completed his 4-month probationary
period.  After Mr. Schultz left the car, Mr. Frozina moved and Mr. Jameson
seconded that Mr. Schultz be elected to full (regular) membership.
Discussion followed.  The motion passed unanimously.  Congratulations Norm
(as you'll see later)!.

1999 Officer Nominations: Mr. Beasley and Mr. Crawford were nominated for the
office of President.  Mr. Frozina and Mr. Jameson were nominated for the
office of Vice President.  Mr. Morris and Mr. Schultz were nominated for the
office of Secretary.  Mr. R. Wetzel and Mr. Schultz were nominated for the
office of Treasurer.  Mr. Frozina and Mr. Schultz were nominated for the
office of Publicist.  Mr. Crawford, Mr. Frozina and Mr. Veihdeffer were
nominated for the office of Superintendant.

1999 Officer Election: Mr. Frozina distributed the secret write-in ballots
which were filled in, returned, and counted by Mr. Frozina and Mr. J.
Wetzel.  The following persons were elected to office on the first ballot:

  President:       Joe Beasley
  Vice President:  Donald Frozina
  Secretary:       Norm Schultz
  Treasurer:       Ray Wetzel
  Publicist:       Donald Frozina
  Superintendent:  Tom Crawford

Congratulations all, especially you Norm!


Metal Wheels:  Mr. Boone proposed that we reconsider the motion of using
metal wheels on the Club cars.  Discussion followed.  Mr. Boone moved and
Mr. Schultz seconded that we appropriate $100.00 to purchase 200 metal wheels
sets.  The motion passed unanimously.

Fair Board: Mr. Schultz indicated that he will represent us.  Mr. Schultz
also suggested that we consider hosting field trips for the schools and
scouts to give us more favorable press.

Timesaver: Mr. Veihdeffer reported that he is still thinks of it from time-


Membership: Mr. Beasley, Mr. Jameson and Mr. Schultz reported that they had a
brainstorm session on increasing our membership.  They felt that 18 members
was the optimal number for our Club.  We should also revamp our flyer and
downplay the capital assessment, and move some things around.

Bylaws Changes: Both Mr. Beasley and Mr. Schultz presented trial amendments
to the Bylaws for discussion.  These trial amendments cover membership
classes, amount of dues, etc.  After much discussion, it was decided that
these amendments would be edited and presented at the next meeting.

Outdoor Lights: Mr. Crawford illuminated us in that he changed the
problematic halogen flood lamps with standard outdoor incandescent flood
lamps and fixtures.  Good job Tom!


GATS: Mr. Veihdeffer announced that the AV N'Scalers took first place at the
Bakersfield's GATS.  The N'Scalers also ran a 120 car train using 10 powered

Golden Empire MRC Swap Meet: Mr. Veihdeffer announced that they will be
holding their swap meet on 17 and 18, January 1999, on the Bakersfield

GATS: Mr. Veihdeffer announced that GATS will be 23 and 24, January 1999, on
the Santa Barbara Fairgrounds.


The next regular business meeting will be on Friday, 8 January 1999, at 2000
hours in the Club car.


There being no further business or discussion, Mr. Veihdeffer moved and
Mr. Crawford seconded that we adjourn the meeting.  The motion passed
unanimously.  The meeting adjourned at 2122 hours.

Submitted by

Donald J. Frozina

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