Antelope Valley Model Railroad Club


Antelope Valley Model Railroad Club
February 1999 Minutes

February 5, 1999 at 2013 hours.
Club Car on the Antelope Valley Fair Grounds.

The meeting was called to order at the place, on the date and at the time above
written and there were present the following members: J. Beasley, R. Boone,
T. Crawford, D. Frozina, R. Wetzel, H. Morris, H. Veihdeffer and N. Schultz.
Guests: Mike Lacey and Ronald Phelps.

The minutes were read and approved as written.

    A.  Insurance manuals and information.

Officer Reports -- unless mentioned there was no report.
    A.  Treasurer -- We are solvent.
    B.  Publicity -- The Web site has been changed.
    C.  Superintendent -- Construction on the lower reverse loop has begun.

Committee Reports -- unless mentioned there was no report.
    A.  Construction -- Masonite backdrop needs to be installed.
    B.  Control -- Ten DH121 and two MRC reverse loop relays have been
    C.  Housekeeping -- Dual outside electric outlets and lights in the CTC
        area have been installed.
    D.  Rolling Stock -- Decoders installed in the FP7s and a metal wheel
        price of $0.42 per axle has been discovered.
    E.  Scenery & Structures -- Towers, silos and a M1 Jack have been
        obtained. Suggestion that "time saver" be both DC and DCC.

Unfinished Business -- None.

New Business -- None.

Special Orders
    A.  Mike Lacey and Ronald Phelps were made probationary members.

    A.  Those who can are invited to meet on Wednesdays to do work on the
    B.  The next business meeting will be held on March 5, 1999.

The meeting was closed at 2145 hours.

Submitted by

Norman M. Schultz 

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