Antelope Valley Model Railroad Club


Antelope Valley Model Railroad Club
July 1999 Minutes

July 2, 1999
2023 hours
Club Car on the Antelope Valley Fair Grounds.

The meeting was called to order at the place, on the date and at the time
above written by Mr. Frozina, and there were present the following members:
T. Crawford, D. Frozina, R. Wetzel, J. Wetzel, H. Morris, H. Veihdeffer and
N. Schultz.  The minutes were read and approved as written.

    A.  None

Officer Reports -- unless mentioned there was no report.
    A.  Treasurer -- We are solvent. Insurance quote in mail.
    B.  Publicity -- The Web site has been changed.
    C.  Superintendent -- Lower deck lights have covers.

Committee Reports -- unless mentioned there was no report.
    A.  Housekeeping -- Clear place last Saturday before fair.
    B.  Rolling Stock -- Decoders installed in the FP7s and a metal wheel
        price of $0.42 per axle has been discovered.
    C.  Scenery & Structures -- Paper Mill in the hands of the Pres. Bridge
        is in over lake. Things are growing on the mountain. Misc. buildings
        have been incorporated. Grain Elevator is installed.
    D.  Track -- Extra siding, and run around are in.

Unfinished Business -- None.

New Business
    A.  Air compressor purchased.
    B.  Decoders acquired for Daylight PSs.
    C.  Need to acquire lights for deck.
    D.  Need to treat deck.
    E.  Moved, seconded and passed to expend $50.00 for banner.
    F.  Need to install permanent curtains on lower level. 
    G.  A.V Trophy will make 4" vinyl label at $2.50 each.

Special Orders -- None

    A.  N Scale Club will lend us curtains for fair.
    B.  N Scale Club will have new home in the waste land of the outlet
        mall in Lancaster.

The meeting was closed at 2151 hours.

Submitted by

Norman M. Schultz 

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