Antelope Valley Model Railroad Club


Antelope Valley Model Railroad Club
August 1999 Minutes

August 3, 1999
2010 hours
Club Car on the Antelope Valley Fair Grounds.

The meeting was called to order at the place, on the date and at the time
above written by Mr. Beasley, and there were and there were present the
following members: T. Crawford, D. Frozina, M. Lacey, R. Wetzel, J. Wetzel,
H. Veihdeffer and N. Schultz.

The minutes were read and approved as corrected.

    A.  Bank Statement
    B.  Electric Bill

Officer Reports -- unless mentioned there was no report.
    A.  Treasurer -- We are solvent. Insurance bill paid $937.79.
        Tim Browning is a sustaining member.
    B.  Secretary -- Mail Box key given to Treasurer
    C.  Publicity -- Black and White along with Color flyers place around
        town in various locations announcing our open house during the
        fair.  Ad in Model Railroader and RMC about fair.  Two new
        advertisers have been added to the cash train and have collected
        $125.00 so far.
    D.  Superintendent -- Things are progressing.  Scenery completed on
        lower lever front.  Paper Mill "is coming along." Need to get
        12-volt bulbs and list of materials for panel.

Committee Reports -- unless mentioned there was no report.
    A.  Housekeeping -- 21st set as clear up day.
    B.  Superintendent -- We will be "self teching" our own logo's and

Unfinished Business
    A.  Deck Lights
    B.  Deck weather proofing.

New Business
    A.  Mrs. Crawford will make curtain for rear lower level.
    B.  The Banner will be here for the fair.
    C.  Moved, seconded and passed to allot  $20.00 for materials for
        panel board.
    D.  Moved, seconded and passed to allot $26.00 for purchase of scale.

Special Orders
    A.  Mike Lacey voted into membership.

    A.  We have one season parking spot in lot next to club house, nine
        season passes and more than enough one day passes and parking to
        handle our needs.

The meeting was closed at 2153 hours.

Submitted by

Norman M. Schultz 

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