Antelope Valley Model Railroad Club
Renovation Pictures

These are images of us renovating the car prior to the construction of the new layout. Pictures taken between February and April 1996. Click on an image to see a larger view.

The car interior after the old layout was removed. The AC vent (right front) was removed and the big hole in the floor left by it was fixed. Removing the ceiling was one of the biggest chores. It took three days and filled the construction sized dumpster twice!
Reverse view of the interior.
The new sub floor is down and the new wall panels are going up.
We also upgraded the electrical service. Here are some of the members digging the trench for the new electrical lines. The old ones can be seen hanging off the meter. It was this way for 12 years. It was about time we did it right! In the background are the old AC unit and ducts.
You can see the new sub floor, walls and paint we put in. Most ot the T-bar is up with the new lights. We need to put the AC venting in before we can finish the T-bar.
The new carpet going down! It was one piece, 10' wide and 75' long! It took all the members and a lot of friends to get it in.
The car is done. With new AC/heat, walls, lights, flooring, paint, and T-bar.

Time to get back to model railroading!

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